Attaching film to the glass

It took me a lot of time to figure out how to show properly the way attaching film to the windows works.

You just have to place the cursor on the picture below and move it sideways... 🙂

Complete description below...

Frosted Glass Film effect
Frosted glass film effect
Efekt folii mrożonej

About Attaching film to the glass

Sticking frosted film (matt)- the films imitate sandblasted glass (or frosted glass), but they are a cheaper and reversible alternative. What is more, it is possible to cut various shapes in the film- for example the logo of the company, the name of the room or patterns corresponding to the activity performed by the firm. Apart from its decorative function, frosted film helps to divide space, meet OSH conditions and guarantee the comfort of work.

Sunscreen films reflect part of solar radiation, depending on the type of the film. They may be sky-blue, green, gold or grey. Sunscreen films enhance air-conditioning efficiency and, in some cases, replace it.

You may also want to have film with some print on the glued side- it is an alternative to direct UV print on the glass. The print will be visible from behind the surface of glass, while the film on the other side stays white, non-transparent or translucent (if it is to be highlighted). Films with print are often used in decoration of kitchens, bathrooms, museum exhibitions and shop windows. Click here to see photos from Vitkac gallery (my realization)

Car films change the colour of the car, for example gold or black carbon, glossy (metallic) and matt, any colour available. Films with print that enable sticking advertisement on the car are protected with an additional layer of laminate.
All car films used by me are adjusted to sticking deep bends and folds in car body, thanks to which durability of the applications increases up to 8 years.

Polymer car films are used for application of cut-out shapes, inscription or logo, available in several dozen colours.

Films for shop windows - available with print and additional colourless, protective UV laminate, which gives glossy or matt finish. It is the right combination of materials that makes the graphic fresh and good-looking for several years.

It is also possible to remove the film from the surface.

I render projects myself and thus my service is all- embracing.

Film sticking is always preceded by confirmation of delivered visualization and technical details. Every pricing is done individually, basing on the size of the surface and degree of complexity of patterns to be cut.

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